The calling to be a Catholic priest is a special calling indeed. If you feel that tugging at your heart, consider speaking with Parochial Vicar Father Levi Schmitt ( or the Vocation Director for the Diocese of La Crosse Father Nate Kuhn here.

Hello! My name is Fr. Nate Kuhn and I am happy to be on board in the Vocation Office. Just a little background, I grew up in Neillsville, WI, the second oldest of eight children in my family. I first considered the priesthood when I was around 10 years old as I began serving at my home parish. Being able to be part of the Mass in a special way helped me foster a special relationship with our Lord. As I grew and continued to grow closer to Christ, I began to feel the call to the priesthood. While there wasn’t a lot of certainty at that point, I remained open to the call and took the leap of faith to enter the seminary. Once in the seminary, it was an opportunity for me to reflect upon two questions: what is God asking me to do, and how am I going to follow His call? In the years that followed, that call became stronger, strengthening me to be able trust God’s grace and commit my life to Christ on ordination day. Since then, I have been privileged to serve as a priest in Marshfield, Wausau, and in Genoa. Now, as the Lord continues to call me to follow Him, I look forward to take on the role of recruiting, which means that I ask the Spirit to work through me and stir the hearts of those who are discerning that call that I heard many years ago.