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St. Raymond Parish
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Fall Creek, WI 54742

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updated: 7/22/2020

Our Parish

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Our church’s design was inspired by the surrounding landscape’s natural beauty. Rural serenity abounds, as worshipers are surrounded by the shapes, colors, and textures of native Wisconsin quartzite, exquisitely designed stained glass, and an abundance of natural light. It’s truly a spiritual haven.

Stained Glass:  Stained glass windows of grapes and wheat surround the four oak doors at the entrance of our church. This depiction symbolizes the Eucharistic Celebration and the bounty of our earth.

Crowning the entry of the church are three stained glass windows of graduated height. The windows illuminate the central concept of the Catholic doctrine: the unified trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The outermost window represents the Body and Blood of Christ, which we receive at Mass. In the central window, above the gathering space, God the Father’s loving hands embrace worshipers as they enter and leave. And, inside the nave, the Holy Spirit window and the clerestory windows glow with the warm colors of sunset.

A Walk with Christ:  Once inside, we journey on “A Walk with Christ.” The tall stained glass windows on each side depict the path of Christ from Jerusalem to the hill of Golgotha (Calvary). These windows also provide a backdrop for the sculpted Stations of the Cross that surround the interior.  

Our “Walk with Christ” begins in the right front corner of the church and continues around the walls to Station 11 at the left front corner. Stations 13 and 14 are on the massive stone walls beside the altar. The Crucifixion of Christ, Station 12, is located above the altar. Special lighting enhances the contours of these monochromatic gypsum sculptures.

Statue of St. Raymond Fountain: Inscribed beneath the statue:  St. Raymond of Peņafort 1175-1275, Patron Saint of Canonization, Canonized – 1601.   Spiritual Confessor of Pope Gregory IX.   He collected and codified papal decrees; creating a massive work that became the cornerstone for canon law.  Held against his will on the island of Majorcan by King James of Aragon, Raymond of Peņafort said, “An earthly king withholds the means of flight, but the King of Heaven will supply them.” It is said he then walked to the sea and spread his cloak upon the water, tying a corner of it to his staff for a sail.  Making the sign of the cross, he stepped upon his makeshift vessel without fear and sailed 60 leagues to his monastery in Barcelona.  This miracle moved the king, who became a true follower of Raymond.

Nature Abounds:  God’s glorious creations are splendidly revealed by the glass wall behind the altar, which highlights the Tabernacle and a visually stunning panorama of a waterfall and the surrounding countryside. The huge sandstone boulders that frame the waterfall and pool come from the home farm of one of our parish’s founding families.

The waterfall area, and its garden, provide an outdoor venue for spiritual refreshment -- or simply a serene place to enjoy the company of our parish family. Whatever the occasion, it’s truly an ideal setting for quiet reflection.

The Details:  The furnishings of our church include elements from each of the three parishes that combined to form St. Raymond of Peņafort.

The altar and tabernacle are from St. John the Apostle in Fall Creek; the beautiful picture of the Last Supper on the front of the altar is from St. Anthony de Padua in Augusta; and the 100-year-old bell that rings in the church tower is from Holy Guardian Angels in Brackett.

Our logo shows a chalice among the green hills--just where you will find our church--among the green hills of western Wisconsin.

A Final Note:  Our church seats 300 people. It is, however, designed with the capacity of expanding to hold twice that number.

Tours:  If you would like to schedule a visit or a tour of St. Raymond Parish, please contact the parish office at 715.877.3400.   Email:

Join our Parish:  Registration Form here

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